storage barn sites, gravel driveways and parking areas, concrete breaking, grading

Bluejay Bobcat Service LLC

"Light Excavating Since 1997"

Q. How much does your equipment weigh?

A. Our mini-excavator weighs approx. 9200 lbs. with operator.  This weight is spread over a large track area, which makes for very low psi. Our skid loader weighs approx. 7500 lb. with operator and bucket.


Q. How wide is your equipment?

A.  Our mini-excavator will fit through a 60" opening.  Our skid loader will fit through a 72" opening, provided we can approach the opening straight on.


Q.  How high is your equipment?

A.  Our mini-excavator is 85" high. Our skid loader is 81" high.


Q. What attachments do you have for your equipment?

A.  For the skid loader we have a digging bucket with teeth, a large stone/snow bucket, a hydraulic hammer, and pallet forks.  We also have a set of steel tracks which can be installed over the tires for incredible performance in mud or heavy digging.  For the mini-excavator we have a 12", 18", and 24" digging buckets.  We also have a 48" bucket with no teeth, which really works well for cleaning out drainage ditches, light grading, etc.  The hydraulic hammer can also be put on the mini-excavator. We can rent an almost unlimited amount of attachments if the job calls for them.


Q. How small a job will you do?

A.  We have done jobs as small as moving one scoop of dirt from the street to the back yard.  We do have a minimum charge of $300 for small jobs.  This covers up to 2 hour of machine time, plus the travel charge.


Q. Do you sell topsoil and slate?

A. We do not sell slate.  We occasionally have topsoil for sale, but not always.  We have a long-time supplier for both, and get them delivered to the jobsite as needed.


Q. What is PA One Call, Miss Utility, or the 811 number that I see being advertised?

A. These are all various names for one organization, officially Pennsylvania One Call Organization.  Before doing digging on your property, we are required by law to notify all utilities of our planned activities.  This requires a minimum notification of 3 business days.  We are a paying member of PA One Call, and take care of the notification for you.  This is the law. We will not do digging on your property without this notification being completed.


Q. Are you licensed and insured?
A. We are fully licensed and insured.  Our PA contractor number is PA HIC #039439.