storage barn sites, gravel driveways and parking areas, concrete breaking, grading

Bluejay Bobcat Service LLC

"Light Excavating Since 1997"

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Unfortunately it is impossible to show all our capabilities on a website.  On this page, we would like to show you just a few more examples of typical jobs we do.  The first two pictures below show a landscape that has gotten overgrown and out of control.  The homeowner wanted a fresh start.  The second picture shows the site after we have worked our light excavating magic for a few hours!  Notice the confined areas we were working in, perfect for our Bobcat and mini-hoe.  All shrubs, groundcover, landscape fabric and stones removed.  New topsoil graded in and raked, ready for a new beginning.
  The two pictures above show a renovation project at an old farmhouse.  After the old porch was torn down, we dug footers for the new wrap around porch. (left hand photo)
After the mason was finished laying blocks, we returned to backfill  with dirt around the outside.  We also filled the inside with stone, and graded it for the concrete pour.  
   If you are someone who likes to do your own small construction projects, please keep us in mind.  We have twenty years experience in digging footers, electric lines, prepping stones for concrete, backfilling and grading.