Storage Barn Sites

Regardless of the manufacturer, we can prepare your storage barn site. A base that is properly prepared can add years to the life of your barn. With 23 years and hundreds of storage barn sites under our belt, let us put our experience to work for you. We also have a considerable background in preparing sites for carports, and leveling parking areas for RVs and travel trailers.

Our sites are meticulously constructed. The site is first squared up, with the amount of extra width and length you prefer. We recommend at least 1 foot larger in all dimensions. Next, the topsoil is removed, and the rough grade cut in. If this site generates excess dirt, we can haul it away, or use it elsewhere on your property, to fill divots in your yard etc. Now the storage barn site is ready for stone. If the site is fairly level we use a free flowing clean graded stone.  This eliminates splashing from roof water and prevents water pooling on site.  If the site needs significant filling in to come up to the subgrade, we use a quality crusher run stone.  This is compacted in layers, a step many competitors skip, then topped with four inches of the clean stone.  Finally, the site is carefully checked with an aluminum screed board for any excess variations in the stone grade.

We love to do storage barn sites in the Chambersburg area, and are often very competitively priced. Our goal is to truly give you good return on your investment. Click over to the photo album page to see more pictures of storage barn sites we have completed.

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